mirama one

Mirama One

Mirama One will be our first Mirama product made for a larger, more general customer base. The battery and the computation unit will be located in a separate pocket size unit connected to the glasses by cable. By putting battery and electronics in a separate unit we can reduce the size and weight of the glasses, making them comfortable to wear all day. Compared to the early Mirama prototypes, Mirama One will use a completely different display technology which will enable the creation of smartglasses that is not much different in size and weight than a normal pair of glasses.

We believe the first to adopt this technology will be industry, medical and first responders. Mirama One will be optimized for use in these fields. Mirama One will also be customizable for example to monocular or binocular display, as helmet attachment or in the shape of security glasses.


  1. Binocular and monocular high field of view, high resolution, bright displays suitable even for outdoor use.
  2. Intel mobile chipset with powerful GPU for AR applications.
  3. Time-of-Flight technology for robust gesture recognition.
  4. Voice recognition.
  5. API in Rust. Write secure and high performance apps for Mirama OS.
  6. Application market for 3rd party developers.
  7. Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile data communcation.
  8. GPS, gyro, accelerometer, compass.
  9. Add-on sensors, e.g. infrared for augmented reality thermal imaging.
  10. Optional bluetooth controller (keyboard, smartwatch, etc).