Replacing the smartphone

Our goal is to replace the smartphone with smartglasses. In order to achieve this our Mirama smartglasses has to be able to do anything a smartphone can do and more.

The features listed below are just a few examples. Only the imagination sets the limit on what can be done with the Mirama smartglasses.

Enhance safety and experience

While some might argue that it would be dangerous to wear smartglasses while driving we claim the opposite. We want to create a system were we make it more safe to drive using Mirama smartglasses than without. Imaging being able to see around corners, through buildings or through the back of the car. By connecting to the car, the infrastructure and other cars we can enhance safety and display all relevant information in the glasses, without having the driver take the eyes off the road.

Widen your horizons

Now you don't have to be limited by the unknown or language barriers anymore. Go outside, explore, travel the world. Get real-time translation of everything you see. Instantly get information on anything you see. Add another dimension to your everyday experiences.

Interact with reality

No more digging your pockets for your smartphone, launch an app, search for what you see and then perform the action. With Mirama smartglasses you interact directly with reality. Just look at the sign of your favorite restaurant and make a gesture to "check-in", "like" or whatever might be the thing of the day.

Stay connected

With Mirama you stay connected with your surrounding. For example, with camera view sharing and remote assistance (sharing of gestures) you can get support in a completely new way that is not possible with any other device. Efficiency is expected to be vastly improved while at the same time making the workers' everyday tasks easier.

Expand your senses

Using Mirama enables you to unlock extra senses. With optional extra sensors like passive infrared you can overlay the temperature of objects on top of the real object - Augmented Reality Thermal Imaging. This can improve safety for workers in dangerous environments or be used as a tool to find hotspots. By expanding Mirama with extra sensors there are no limitations to what can be done.