What can I do with Mirama?

Mirama OS is a complete operating system for smartglasses. With Mirama smartglasses powered by our Mirama OS you will be able to do anything you can do on a smartphone and more. While some other focus on voice or touch control, Mirama is mainly controlled using gestures. With your hands you interact with the virtual user interface you see in front of you. Different gestures respond to different actions and general actions like selecting items, pushing buttons and so on is simple done by pointing at the user interface item with your index finger.

Mirama will be delivered with some stock applications but the majority of applications will come from 3rd party developers around the world. The current prototype glasses and Mirama SDK has API for the common functions you would expect like internet communication, 2D/3D graphics, pre-defined and user-defined gestures and much more.

How does it work?

On a head mount display we have mounted a RGB camera for photo and video and a ToF (time-of-flight) camera for gesture recognition (patent pending). The head mount display also contains a head tracker with gyro, compass and accelerometer. This is connected to a laptop via USB and VGA/HDMI. All processing except the ToF camera depth map is done on the laptop and the laptop's battery is providing the power.

Similar to the mouse cursor on a desktop computer the image of your hands are displayed on the screen in front of you and you focus on this when interacting, not your real hand. Because this is a live image of your real hands it provides for a very smooth and natural feeling when interacting with the user interface.

Why can't the connection between glasses and main unit (laptop) be wireless?

Currently both the display and the ToF camera require quite a lot of power. Making the connection wireless would require extra batteries in the glasses, adding to the size and the weight. Wireless communication would also be less reliable and have more lag than cable connection, this would be noticable especially for gesture control. To provide a responsive, stable and enjoyable user experience cable connection is necessary. However, when the technology is ready we will put all the hardware inside the glasses and there will be no need for either cables or external processing units or batteries.

How long can I use it without recharging?

The current prototype has a usage time that is roughly equal to what you would get of running desktop applications on a other normal operating system, using the same computer.

For the Mirama One we are aiming at a full day of usage with the possibility to exchange battery on the go (without having to make the device powerless).

I want to contribute, what should I do?

If you want to experience Mirama please contact us and maybe we can set up a meeting in our US or Japan office. This is a new and unknown territory we are entering and we welcome any feedback, suggestions and requests anyone might have. Whether it might be API requests, gesture standardization or hardware specifications.

If you are interested in working with us to create the device of the future, please contact us using the inquiry form.