Mirama Prototype

The mirama prototype is the platform used for development of mirama OS.

The mirama prototype provides a unique experience with its gesture recognition system and augmented reality possibilities.

To enable anyone who is interested to take part in this new revolutionary experience we are now offering the prototype in various packages and in limited number.


  1. Vuzix STAR1200XLD binocular stereoscopic 3D display.
  2. PMD Camboard PicoS depth sensor.
  3. Logitech C920 RGB camera.
  4. Intel Atom Z3735F. Quad-core, 1.33 GHz mobile CPU.
  5. Mirama OS with Rust language API.
  6. Early uncomplete version of Mirama SDK.
  7. LAN internet communcation.

What you can do with mirama prototype

By using mirama prototype, you will be able to develop applications which uses AR or gestures through authentic experience with head mount display.

The new, secure language Rust from Mozilla is used for app development. Develop utility apps or high performance 3D games in no time.